There’s nothing better than a well mulched lawn that’s color-matched perfectly. There’s no better mulch supplier in the Battle Creek, MI area than Outdoor Landscape & Supplies.

Mulch can appear as a simple exercise, but it plays a great role in making your yard achieve more. There are different types of mulch that you can decide to use in your yard, there are those that are synthetic such as fabric landscapes and natural ones like those that you can get organic wastes and spread in your garden. In case you use irrigation to grow flowers and vegetables in your yard, after you decide to employ mulch your productivity will increase drastically. Here are benefits to using mulch in your landscaping:

Keeps weeds out
After you apply mulch, it will suppress weeds from growing. Due to the fact that weeds lead to reducing the productivity of your garden. Through mulching you will reduce the weeds drastically. This will even enable you save on time that you use in weeding.

Releases nutrients into soil
After you apply mulch that is made out of organic materials, the material will decompose and release nutrients to the soil. This will lead crops that will be grown on the areas where mulch has been applied to do better. It will also save you on the cost of buying fertilizer for you to be able to grow crops.

Keeps soil cooler
Through mulching it is very easy to keep the soil cool. This will in return impact positively on the yield of your crops. Soil that is kept cool will tend to retain more water hence making the crops do better in case you are growing them in a place where rain is limited.

Provides more moisture
The mulch will cover the soil. This means that any water that you will apply on the soil as a form of irrigation will stay in the soil for a long period of time. As the moisture stay for long in the soil, the crops will easily utilize it.

Chocolate Brown Mulch

Our chocolate brown mulch creates a rustic woodsy look in your landscaping

Double Ground Hardwood Shredded Mulch

Gold Mulch

A great way to make darker landscaping pop!

Hardwood Shredded Mulch

A great all-around mulch that is perfect for all kinds of jobs

Michigan Cedar Mulch

A very natural color with a beautiful cedar aroma

Playground Wood Chips

A durable material great for areas with frequent foot traffic

Red Mulch

Giving a unique look to your landscaping will make your house stand out (in a good way!)

Black Mulch